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Online Mastering

Mastering is the last step before the pressing plant, online distribution and the final consumer.

In our optimized online mastering studio with our qualified personnel we have the best requirements to get the best out of your music.

Since more then a decade we mastered dozens of releases, some of them have achieved gold status.
Several works for artists, bands and labels all around the world and mastering certificates represent our quality as well as our know-how.

In our mastering studio, the full potential of your recordings can be represented.
With a good mastering your music sounds more brilliant, defined, loud – it just sounds better and even more impressive.
We achieve this by using analog and digital technology.

Whether you are a successful artist or on the way there, a mastering with us is the right decision when it comes to class work for a fair price.

Renown References

Sony, BMG, Ibanez Italy, the NASA – all these well-known companies cannot be wrong!

Excellent Quality

We look at our quality standard on a international competitive level. This guarantees the best sound for your material.

Mastered for iTunes

Today the digital market is more important than ever. This is why we offer optimizations for digital distribution at a small extra charge.